Wisconsin State Tartan: Wisconsin Tartan

The Wisconsin State Tartan is the Wisconsin Tartan.

Wisconsin State Tartan - Wisconsin Tartan - The Wisconsin legislature passed legislation establishing the official Wisconsin tartan in April 2008. The colors in the tartan are symbolic of the State history and culture: brown represents the fur trade that opened the state to new settlers; grey represents the lead miners who helped give the state its nickname 'Badgers' (the badger is also the State's mascot and the mascot of the University of Wisconsin); red represents the University system that has given Wisconsin so much innovation and industry; blue represents the state's waters that include the great lakes, commerce and recreation; green represents forests, agriculture and their contribution to Wisconsin; yellow represents both dairy and brewing - two industries that helped build Wisconsin. Yellow and green intersect to represent professional sports in the color combination of one of the state's teams.

The thread count of the state tartan is 44 threads muted blue; 6 threads scarlet; 4 threads muted blue; 6 threads gray; 28 threads black; 40 threads dark green; 4 threads dark yellow; 40 threads dark green; 28 threads black; 22 threads muted blue; and 12 threads dark brown (half sett with full count at the pivots).

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