Authentic Wisconsin.  Potosi, Wisconsin

Potosi, Wiscosnin is the Catfish Capital of Wisconsin.

Potosi, Wisconsin - The "Catfish Capital" of Wisconsin.

Potosi is located on the Great River Road where Wisconsin's lead ore belt intersects with the scenic Mississippi. The post office (1837 to present) was originally located between Van Buren and Head of the Hollow, then at Van Buren, then at La Fayette. In 1839, the leaders of three settlements (Snake Hollow, sometimes called Head of the Hollow, Van Buren, and La Fayette) decided to combine the villages. The new, larger community was named Potosi, and the post office moved one last time, to the center of the new, merged community.

Potosi has the longest main street without an intersection in the world (three miles).

The "Catfish Capital" of Wisconsin.

Known as "the Catfish Capital of Wisconsin," the village holds an annual Catfish Festival and Fireman's Fish Fry, typically on the 2nd weekend of August. The event includes a truck and tractor pull, beanbag and a euchre tournament, fireworks, live music, a parade, and the fish fry.

Potosi Brewery and National Brewery Museum

The National Brewery Museum and Library opened in the village on the site of the Potosi Brewery in 2008. The museum features historic beer and brewing memorabilia, including signs, advertisements, bottles, cans, and miscellaneous paraphernalia.

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Potosi, Wisconsin
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Potosi, Wisconsin.

Above: Potosi, Wisconsin. Coordinates: 42°42′10″N 90°42′56″W

The "Catfish Capital" of Wisconsin

Channel catfish.

Eagel River running through Eagle River, Wisconsin.

Above: Potosi Brewery and National Brewery Museum. Building Listed on the National Register of Historic Places Photo licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported: kevin schuchmann.

Above: Aerial video of BNSF trains near Potosi, WI along the Mississippi river.

Above: Wisconsin Foodie episode: Potosi and visit Potosi Brewing and the National Brewery Museum.

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