Authentic Wisconsin.  Mount Horeb, Wisconsin

The Mt Horeb Opera House.

Above: Mount Horeb Opera Block on Main Street. Photo licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported: Jaknelaps.

Mount Horeb, Wisconsin - The "Troll Capital" of the world.

The Village of Mount Horeb is part of the ancestral territory of the Ho-Chunk Nation. Ho-Chunk translates into "People of the Sacred Language," or "People of the Big Voice," and belong to the Siouan linguistic family.

Settlement in Dane County began in 1828 when Ebenezer Brigham discovered a load of lead in the Blue Mounds area, and established a tavern and inn. In 1849, the tract of land that would become Mount Horeb was purchased by James Morrison, and a year later sold a portion Granville Neal. This initial settlement largely drew individuals of English, Irish, German, and Scottish ethnic backgrounds, as well as Yankees and settlers from Southern states.

The presence of Norwegian immigrants has played a significant factor in the historic and contemporary identity of not only Mount Horeb, but the State of Wisconsin. By the 1870s, Norwegian immigrants had created significant settlements throughout Wisconsin, particularly in Dane County. In 1871, Andrew Levordson became the first Norwegian immigrant to arrive in Mount Horeb, marking the beginning of this ethnic-group's presence in the village.

Mt Horeb troll statue.
The "Troll Capital" of the World

During the 1980s, as part of an effort to continue celebrating their Norwegian and Norwegian-American heritage, Mount Horeb transformed itself into the "Troll Capital of the World." In Norwegian folklore, trolls are said to about the size of, if not smaller than, humans. They have ugly faces, stout bodies, and tails. These trolls featured in Mount Horeb hearken to this tradition, and residents have incorporated these playful, often numskull, characters throughout the village. The majority of them, whether painted, sculpted, or carved from logs with a chainsaw, are located along Main Street, "The Trollway."

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Mount Horeb, Wisconsin
Dane County

Mount Horeb, Wisconsin.

Above:Mount Horeb, Wisconsin. Coordinates: 43°0′23″N 89°44′3″W

Downtown Mount Horeb, Wisconsin.

Above: Downtown Mount Horeb, Wisconsin.

Mt. Horeb troll.

Mt. Horeb troll.

Mt. Horeb troll.

Mt. Horeb troll.

Above: Mount Horeb, Wisconsin trolls.

Mt. Horeb troll house.

Above: Mount Horeb, Wisconsin troll house.

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