Authentic Wisconsin.  Elmwood, Wisconsin

Elmwood, Wisconsin.

Elmwood, Wisconsin - The "UFO Capital" of Wisconsin

Elmwood is a village in the northeastern border of Pierce County, Wisconsin, along the Eau Galle River — between Eau Claire, Wisconsin and Minneapolis, Minnesota.

A post office called Elmwood has been in operation since 1885. The village was named for a grove of elm trees near the town site.

UFO Capital of Wisconsin

Elmwood is one of three towns in Wisconsin claiming the title "Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) Capital" of Wisconsin. The other towns are Belleville, Wisconsin and Dundee, Wisconsin (Long Lake). The local interest in UFOs is a result of unexplainable things that have happened around Elmwood. A federal government UFO Working Group investigated Elmwood sightings of unexplained phenomena. The most discussed of the dozens of sightings was 30-year police veteran George Wheeler’s encounter with a hovering craft above the limestone quarry on Tuttle Hill. In the 1970's, sightings were so numerous that, city fathers proposed a multi-million dollar, two-square-mile, illuminated, UFO landing strip . Although the UFO landing strip was never built, in support of their claim, Elmwood hosts an annual "UFO Days" festival on the final weekend of July.

Wisconsin Life story on UFO's in Wisconsin.

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Elmwood, Wisconsin
Pierce County

Elmwood, Wisconsin.

Above: Elmwood, Wisconsin. Coordinates: 44°46′44″N 92°8′57″W

UFO Capital of Wisconsin
(One of three villages in Wisconsin making the claim.)

Above: Elmwood UFO Days (1987)

Above: Elmwood UFO Days (2016)

Above: The Fortean Slip Bedtime Stories 7 The UFO sighting account of George Wheeler 1976 Elmwood, Wisconsin.

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