Authentic Wisconsin.  Carl Eliason

1941 Eliason Motor Toboggan, Model D.

Above, 1941 Eliason Motor Toboggan, Model D produced in Clintonville, Wisconsin.

Carl Eliason - Inventor; was born in 1899 in Michigan's Upper Peninsula and moved with his family to Sayner, Wisconsin in 1909. Most known for inventing the prototype of the modern snowmobile "motor toboggan" in his hometown of Sayner in 1924.

1927 snowmobile patent.

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Famous Wisconsinites

Carl Eliason

Above: 1940's Eliason motor toboggan powered by Indian sport scout engine.

Above: 1937 Eliason Snowmobile Power by Indian Motorcycle Engine.

Above: Eliason Motor Tobbogan Ride.

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