Wisconsin State "Domesticated Animal": Dairy Cow (Bos taurus)

Wisconsin State domesticated animal is the Dairy Cow (Bos taurus).

Wisconsin State "Domesticated Animal" - The dairy cow was added as Wisconsin"s official "domestic animal" in 1971 by Wisconsin Laws, Chapter 167 in recognition of the animal's many contributions to the state. This action was termed a logical and long overdue step, consistent with the state's reputation as America's Dairyland, the slogan placed on state automobile license plates by Chapter 115, Laws of 1939.

Governor Patrick Lucey issued 1972 Executive Order 32 recognizing the Holstein-Friesian breed as Wisconsin’s official state dairy cow until May 31, 1973. He then directed the Secretary of Agriculture to designate on June 1 of each year a different breed, selected from Wisconsin's purebred dairy cows, to be the official state dairy cow. Members of the Wisconsin Purebred Dairy Cattle Association whose members represent the seven major dairy breeds (Ayrshire, Brown Swiss, Guernsey, Holstein, Jersey, Milking Shorthorn, and Red & White Holstein) select an individual cow to represent the breed as Cow of the Year.

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Above: Dairy cows mooing in conversation.

Above: How dairy cows are milked.

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