Wisconsin State Coat of Arms

Wisconsin State Coat of Arms.

Above: Current Wisconsin Official State Coat of Arms.

Early illustration of Wisconsin State Coat of Arms.Wisconsin State Coat of Arms used on early currancy.

Above: left: A historical coat of arms illustrated in 1876. right: Early style of Wisconsin state sealdepicted on the reverse of Series 1882BB 1851 National Bank Note.

Wisconsin State Coat of Arms - The Coat of Arms includes the State's motto, "Forward" and below that is a badger, the state animal. A sailor with a coil of rope and and a "yeoman" with a pick (usually considred a miner) who jointly represent labor on water and land. The shield in the center shows Wisconsin's support for the United States. In four sections surrounding the shield are representations of the states main industries: agriculture, mining, manufacturing and navigation. The cornucopia and pile of lead represent farm products and minerals.

Chapter 280, Laws of 1881, provided the first precise statutory description of the great seal and coat of arms.

The Coat of Arms used in the State Seal was finalized in 1881.

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