Authentic Wisconsin.  Bonduel, Wisconsin

Bonduel, Wiscosnin.

Bonduel, Wisconsin - The "Spelling Capital" of Wisconsin.

Bonduel is located in Shawano County, just off of State Hwy 29 between Shawano to the west and Green Bay to the east.

Some early news reports called it Hartland Corners, presumably in reference to the surrounding town, named Hartland. The name Bonduel was not established for the community until an application for a post office was made in 1864, at which point "Hartland" was rejected as already being in use as a village name in Wisconsin. Therefore, the village was named Bonduel when the post office was created. The village is named after a Jesuit missionary, the Rev. Florimond Bonduel, who served Wisconsin parishes and who worked with the Menominee Indians, helping them settle on their newly created reservation in 1853,

The Bonduel area has a vital Amish community that has grown to 50 families.

The Self-Proclaimed Spelling Capital of Wisconsin

According to the The Cafeteria Lady Eats Her Way Across America: And Lives to Tell About It!, by Martha Bolton, "I dunt no whi itz the spelling capitol, but it iz."

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Bonduel, Wisconsin
Shawano County

Bonduel, Wisconsin.

Above: Bonduel, Wisconsin. Coordinates: 44°44′25″N 88°26′43″W

Spelling Capital of Wisconsin

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