Authentic Wisconsin.  Bloomer, Wisconsin

Above: 52nd annual World Speed Rope Jump Contest in Bloomer, Wisconsin (2012).

Bloomer, Wisconsin - The "Jump Rope" capital of the world.

Bloomer is located located on Duncan Creek, fifteen miles north of Chippewa Falls in northwestern Wisconsin on State Highways 53, 40, and 64.

In 1848 a wealthy merchant, named Bloomer and a group of men from Galena, Illinois built a mill on the site. As winter approached Bloomer sold the dam to H. S. Allen and returned to Galena. A founding father of the community was Sylvester Van Loon, who settled in the village in 1855. The village was known as Vanville until 1867 when it was surveyed and platted.

Bloomer hosts an annual jump rope competition and has been called the "jump rope capital of the world" — a title it earned after being featured on national television.

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Bloomer, Wisconsin
Chippewa County

Bloomer, Wisconsin.

Above: Bloomer, Wisconsin. Coordinates: 45°6′8″N 91°29′30″W

Jump Rope Capital of the World

Above: Paul Morning Demonstrates Speed Jump Rope at At Bloomer's 2015 Speed Jump Rope Competition.

Above: Vaughn Zwiefelhofer of Bloomer Grand Champion 2013 (59 jumps in 10 seconds).

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