Authentic Wisconsin.  Valentin Blatz

The Blatz Brewery in Milwaukee in 1886.

Valentin Blatz - Brewer; born on October 1, 1826 in Miltenberg, Bavaria, immigrated to America in 1848 and moved to Milwaukee in 1849.

Blatz established a brewery next to Johann Braun's City Brewery in 1850 and merged both breweries upon Braun's death in 1852. He also married Braun's widow.

The brewery produced Milwaukee's first individually bottled beer in 1874. It incorporated as the Valentin Blatz Brewing Company in 1889 and by the 1900s was the city's third largest brewer.

Don Ameche in Blatz Beer ad. Uta Hagen in Blatz Beer ad.
Liberace in a 1951 Blatz Beer advertisement. Fred MacMurray in Blatz Beer ad.
Alfred Lunt in Blatz Beer ad. Pat O'Brien in Blatz Beer ad.
Pamela Britton in 1951 Blatz Beer ad. Charles Winninger in Blatz Beer ad.

Above: Wisconsinites from From Blatz Beer's "I lived in Milwaukee, I ought to know" series. (click on an image to go to the page about the Wisconsinite featured in the ad.)

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Valentin Blatz

Valentin Blatz.

Above: Valentin Blatz (1877 portrait).

Blatz Brewery Building in Milwaukee.

Above: Building detail from the Valentin Blatz Brewing Company Complex in downtown Milwaukee. Photo licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported.

Valentin Blatz residence in Milwaukee.

Above: Valentin Blatz residence in Milwaukee.

Vintage Blatz advertisement.

Above: Vintage Blatz advertisement.

Above: Blatz Beer commercial with Bert Lahr (the Cowardly Lion).

Above: 1960's Blatz Beer commercial with Bottleman, Canman, and Kegman.

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