Wisconsin State Song: On Wisconsin!

The Wisconsin State Song is On Wisconsin!

"On, Wisconsin!"
by William Purdy

Already a popular football song since 1909, the lyrics to On, Wisconsin! were rewritten for the state song in 1913, but it was not adopted as the official Wisconsin State Song until 1959.

On, Wisconsin! On, Wisconsin!
Grand old Badger State!
We, thy loyal sons and daughters,
Hail thee, good and great.

On, Wisconsin! On, Wisconsin!
Champion of the right,
'Forward' - our motto -
God will give thee might!


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Bob Dylan wrote unpublished lyric to On Wisconsin!

Above: In 1961, 20-year-old folksinger, Bob Dylan, wrote lyrics to an unpublished song about the Badger State. It began, "Wisconsin is the dairy state/I guess you all know well/I was in Wow Wow Toaster there/The truth to you I’ll tell" There's a fun story about these lyrics written by Dean Robbins for Wisconsin Life (produced by Wisconsin Public Radio), on the Wisconsin Life website at: www.wisconsinlife.org/story/bob-dylans-ode-to-wisconsin

Above: UW-Madison Concert Choir sings "On, Wisconsin!"

Above: "On, Wisconsin!" Welcome

Above: University of Wisconsin Marching Band plays"On, Wisconsin!" Welcome (2014)

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